Available Materials Plastic Scrap RR239I 40,000lbs of PET Thermx Natual Repro Pellets avail
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RR239I 40,000lbs of PET Thermx Natual Repro Pellets avail
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RR239I 40,000lbs of PET Thermx Natual Repro Pellets avail

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RR239I 40,000lbs of PET Thermx Natual Repro Pellets available. USA


Thermx® PCT high performance polyester

Thermx® PCT polyester has been acquired by Ticona LLC, a subsidiary of the Celanese Corporation.  For more information, please visit the Ticona web site.  DuPont will provide access to data sheets and technical information during the transition.

Thermx® PCT…Takes more heat
Take everything you like about PBT or PET polyesters; then add more resistance to peak temperatures and hydrolysis. The result: DuPont™ Thermx® PCT, the latest in a range of high performance polymers now added to the DuPont portfolio. Attributes and features include:

  • High-temperature assembly: Withstands SMT reflow soldering
  • Hydrolysis resistance: Performs well in USCAR Class 4 tests
  • High-temperature service: Retains useful strength, toughness with age
  • Dimensional stability: Negligible moisture effect
  • Chemical resistance: auto fluids, circuit board cleaning agents and more
  • Arc tracking resistance: A valuable asset for 42-volt auto electrical applications
  • Excellent colorability



Typical applications
A wide range of injection molded components for electrical, electronics, automotive, appliance, and other industrial and consumer products. Typical parts include circuit board connectors, automotive connectors (headers), lamp sockets and relays. Contact your DuPont representative regarding grades that are suitable for repeated use in food-contact articles for houseware applications.

DuPont™ Thermx® PCT comes in a wide range of grades, including glass and/or mineral-reinforced and flame-retardant (V-0 UL94B) resins. The base polymer is polycyclohexylene-dimethylene terephthalate.


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