Wanted Materials

Wanted materials

We welcome all offers. Here are some of the items we purchase:

Plastics: ABS, NYLON, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP, PS, POLYCARB, ACRYLIC,PET,PVB, HDPE Mixed Rigid Bales, MRP, Commingled 1-7 bottles, Commingled 3-7 Bottles, LDPE Stretch film, LDPE Yellow film, HDPE film, all Industrial films, PET bottles, PET strapping, PET regrind

Forms: Virgin, Repro, Regrind, Film, Rolls, Baled, Lumps, Purges, Powders Etc.

Types: Computer Housings, Films, Milk Jugs, Detergent Bottles, Signs, Camel Back, Stretch Film, Mattress Bags, Non Wovens, Diaper Scrap, Woven Bags, Coextruded films, Adhesive films, Evoh, Pet Soda Bottles, PET Preforms, Polycarb Water Bottles, Polycarb Cd's, Nursery Film, HIPS/Saran, HIPS/Foil

Metals: Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Steel

Forms: Insulated wire, Cans, Heavy Melt, Plate & Structural, Baling Etc.

Electronics: Computers, Monitors, Keyboards, Printers

Forms: Power Supplies, Yokes, Power Chords, Insulated wire, Ballast, Hard Drives, Floppy Drives, Boards Etc.


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